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Re: RE: Swish-e (v1.3.1)

From: Will Woods <W.I.S.Woods(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 11:31:59 GMT,Internet writes:
>Been there done that, yesterday even ;)  Check the directory separators
>your script's configuration.  Some have to be \\, some should be /,
>need to be \.  If any separators are wrong, it looks like it works
>fine but returns 0 results.  It appears as if the open() call is dying,
>it is the command line that actually dies.   If PERL is working
>tell me which script you're using I can probably, hopefully, tell you
>how to
>fix it.

Thanks, Like I say it works fine over command line, I've also got my
own perl scripts running on the same machine that point to similar
directories and use the same seperators so I'm not entirely convinced
that it's that either. Although I will go through it again (I did try
replacing / by \\ but the scripts were unaffected by the change).

...and thanks to you guys for all the useful feedback so far.


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