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RE: Swish-e (v1.3.1)

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 18:48:54 GMT
> Unix, however every time I try to use the perl scripts I don't get
> anything back, the script is running OK and I can see that It's reaching
> the (open, swish....) line in the script, but it doesn't appear to be
> properly reading or interpreting any data from the file.

Been there done that, yesterday even ;)  Check the directory separators in
your script's configuration.  Some have to be \\, some should be /, others
need to be \.  If any separators are wrong, it looks like it works perfectly
fine but returns 0 results.  It appears as if the open() call is dying, but,
it is the command line that actually dies.   If PERL is working correctly,
tell me which script you're using I can probably, hopefully, tell you how to
fix it.

IIS might be a minor problem since it doesn't interpret the Unix hash-bang
in CGI.  I am using the Borland Win32 compile of PERL 5 from CPAN.  Not the
ActivePERL version.  And, I am running it on Apache 1.3.6.

 ,David Norris

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