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Re: Swish-e (v1.3.1)

From: Mark Gaulin <gaulin(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 12:51:19 GMT
Can you show the relevant lines of the perl script? Also,
which version of perl are you using? If it's ActiveState perl
version 515 (the latest one, I believe) then you might be
having the same trouble I was having where no output was 
received from any executed sub-process (created by OPEN 
or with perl's backticks) when executed as a CGI.  
A simple test in perl could confirm this: 
# code not tested!
@lines = `dir c:/` || die "dir failed\n"; 
print @lines;

If it does not die and you get no output then you might be
stuck like I was. I did not find the solution with that version
of perl but I am able to use an older version of ActiveState 
perl (v502) on NT (with IIS) without any trouble. (I did not
try any version newer that 502 to see if they also work.)

On the other hand you could just have a bug in your perl program...

Hope that helps.


At 01:30 AM 4/23/99 -0700, Will Woods wrote:
>I've been using Swish for over a year sucessfully under Solaris on a
>Sparcstation. I've now tried the Win32 swish-e engine for PC,  I've
>already got ActivePerl installed (v5.15) and I installed the perl
>scripts that run with swish.
>The swish engine is indexing the site fine (it's IIS4 on Win NT4 server)
>and I can query it under DOS using command line strings as I could under
>Unix, however every time I try to use the perl scripts I don't get
>anything back, the script is running OK and I can see that It's reaching
>the (open, swish....) line in the script, but it doesn't appear to be
>properly reading or interpreting any data from the file.
>Has anyone had similar problems. Can you provide me with a solution?
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Received on Fri Apr 23 05:49:47 1999