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about domains,frames and indexed files

From: Ibon Aizpurua <epiola(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 19:21:16 GMT
Hello SWISHers:
I donīt ask anything in few weeks but today I have some:

1) When I have one link that isn't from the domain of the page
I have index (e. g.: in the domain appears
one link to , swish-e says me it is wrong
server or method (or something like that).
What can I do to fix that?

2) If I have one page composed with frames I can't index the
pages inside the frame (for example, and would
like index those pages because they have the most important page.
What can I do?

3)And the last. Is any to see what file have I indexed in my own index.
That's because I know how many files have in the index, but I don't know
the names of those.
Received on Thu Apr 22 13:17:49 1999