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Re: Re: Meta Tags

From: <sam1600(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 13:26:41 GMT

Yes, typing "./swish-e -c website.conf" to index your
site is correct. But, without going into to much detail,
and there is a few exeptions,(it's explained in the
manual, allthough not to clear I suppose) ALL the words
in your pages will be indexed and there is no way to 
STOP "Meta Tags" from being indexed.

This is not a problem though.  Because when you build
your search string (command to send to Swish-e) you 
can tell Swish to ignore "Meta Tags" in the search by
adding the -t "Tag" option to the command (which will
limit the tags to search in) and then include ONLY
the tags you want searched.

Randy, what may be getting you is the term "command 
prompt".  Yes it's true that you can type this search
string at the command prompt to perform a search with
Swish-e ( just as you did to index your site) BUT your
CGI interface MUST also send a "search string" to swish
just the same as if you typed it in manually.  If it 
didn't no search would be performed.

I don't know what interface(CGI)to Swish you are using
but whatever it is it's sending a search string(command)
to Swish.  Take a look at the the source code and change
the command the include the -t option and then make it
ignore the Meta Tags ( which are between your head tags
) by NOT including the H option.  Like this for 

swish-e -w "word" -t tBhe -f myIndex

The above will search everthing on the pages except 
what's in the Head tags and the Comment tags.


 ---- you wrote: 
> Sam:
> I am not sure I fully understand...
> the -t option allows you to search from the command prompt, for certain
> words within certain tags or comments.  So if I only want to search page
> titles, this feature allows me to do it.  What I want to do, is have
> each page on my site indexed, without the meta tags being indexed, and
> perform my search via a form on the web.
> Currently I get the program to index my site (500+ pages), but when I
> search from the form, results are generated and I can plainly see that
> the results are generated by the program indexing my meta tags.
> Am I not understanding this correctly?  From the command prompt I am
> typing "./swish-e -c website.conf" to index my site.  
> Let me know what I need to do/or am doing wrong...
> Thanks,
> Randy
> wrote:
> > 
> > Randy,
> > 
> > See the online manual on page:
> > http://sunsite.Berkeley.EDU/SWISH-E/Manual/searchhelp.html#meta
> > 
> > In your Swish-e search command use the -t option and
> > then leave out the H option.
> > 
> > You'll see examples on the above page.
> > 
> > Sam
> > 
> >  ---- you wrote:
> > > Can anyone advise me on how to have meta tags "ignored" on pages that are
> > > indexed?  I don't want search results generated depending on the meta
> > > tags...
> > >
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > > Randy
> > >
> > 
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