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Swish-e Results Ranking Algorythm?

From: <cstephenson(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 17:46:31 GMT
     When swish-e returns a list of search hits, they are ranked.  Try as I 
     might, I have been unable to determine a hierarchy or criteria for the 
     documents that are returned in the hit list.
     I have been unable to find anything on the swish-e website about this, 
     and I have looked at the swish-e code (not being a programmer, this 
     was not effective).  If there is a resource that indicates what order 
     a list of hits is returned in and why, could someone please direct me 
     to it.  If not, does anybody have any ideas?
     Thank you,

     Craig Stephenson
     (608) 265-5775
     Platform Group
     Office of Information Services
     University of Wisconsin System Administration
Received on Thu Mar 4 09:46:09 1999