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Swish-e Error Message

From: Valerio Gelpi <vg(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 01:17:30 GMT
Does anybody know why every once in a while the Perl script I use to search 
Swish-e generates the following error?

script not found or unable to stat: 

I run Swish-e on Apache over Linux. The script is definitely there and it works 
fine most of the times but once or twice a day I see this error message in the 
error log.

I use the Perl script provided on the Swish site. Here's the shell call:

sub search_parse {

$query =~ s/[^a-zA-Z0-9\-\_\*\.\@\(\)\=\" ]/ /g;


open(SWISH, "$swish -w \"$query\" -s $start -m $results -f $index -p 
description |");

while (<SWISH>) {

   if ($_ eq "err: no results") 
   {&search_error("There were no items that matched your search request");}

   if ($_ eq "err: could not open index file") 
   {&search_error("Could not open SWISH Index File $index");}
   if ($_ eq "err: no search words specified") 
   {&search_error("Please Enter at least one Search Word");}

   if ($_ eq "err: a word is too common") 
   {&search_error("One of your search terms is too common, please try 
   next if /^\D/;
   push(@results, $_);


Thanks for any help you can share.

Valerio Gelpi
Blue 105
Received on Wed Mar 3 17:17:13 1999