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swishspider perl modules

From: Andxrew <editorial(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 16:48:46 GMT
Dear all,

we have recently moved servers and now are haviung problems running

The script appears to be no longer be finding the HTML::Parse module,
which will  presumably mean this module - or the module containing this
expression - has to be installed on our new server.

Our server technician suggested that the expression

HTML::Parser would work better, as module under this name is already
installed on the new server..

Sure, using this expression we no longer get a not found error for this
module but then further down the script at

HTML::Parse:parse.html we get an "undefined subroutine at @HTML:......"

changing this line to

HTML::Parser:parser.html does not have any affect.

Can anyone advise on what missing modules we must install on the server to
cure this error?

all help greatly appreciated,

Andrew Cadman

NetLondon Ltd.

Todd Gangell wrote:

> I've been in search of a non perl front-end to use with SWISH. I am
> using Visual Basic based CGI, and am looking for something that I can
> interact with and pass variables too via a web interface. I know that
> O'reilly is shipping Webfind and their version of SWISH with WebSite,
> but I want to steer clear of having to buy the whole package for a
> couple of exe's. I thought you might be able to offer some assistance.
> Thanks for the help
Received on Thu Feb 25 08:46:33 1999