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From: Omar Kish Steinberg <okish(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 00:40:17 GMT
Hi, I just subscribed to this list, so I hope that my question is not

I am currently setting up Swish-e on my web server which is running Linux
Redhat 5.0.  I would like to index my pages using the http method.  In the
configuration file i have specified the path of the perl helper script,
swishspider, with the following line:

SpiderDirectory /usr/local/bin/

The script is definitely in that directory.  However, when I attempt to
index a web site, I get the following error:

sh: /usr/local/bin/swishspider: No such file or directory

It is very bizarre because -- I swear -- it's really there!  

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance

Received on Wed Feb 17 16:39:22 1999