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Possible problem searching multiple indexes

From: Gerard P. Menos <gpmenos(at)not-real.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 16:32:28 GMT
[Subject:  Possible problem searching multiple indexes if one file returns
0 hits]

Hello.  I've recently installed swish-e in test mode at:

....where  a user can optionally search multiple indexes or a specific
index (search syntax implemented as per the documentation (-f indexfile1
indexfile2 ...).  

This was working a couple of days ago and stopped working yesterday
afternoon, such that when one index returned zero hits, results/hits from
the other index(es) were ignored and a result of zero documents found is
returned.....  Thus a search for "lexis" was resulting in...

Index1:  zero documents
Index2:  11 documents
Combined Index1 and Index2:  zero documents

Then, mysteriously, this problem has disappeared this morning (though I
have in the meantime made no changes to the perl script --I PROMISE).  

I wonder if anyone has encounterd this situation or can provide some
explanation (short of aliens installing mystery patches)?   Any ideas?

Best regards,

G. Philippe Menos,  609-258-5183
Systems Administrator,  Princeton University Library
Received on Fri Feb 5 08:32:30 1999