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Re: Re: an exclusion question

From: Yann Stettler <stettler(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 19:32:15 GMT
Mark Gaulin wrote:
> Yann Stettler <> has a patch that
> does just what you are asking. I do not see it on the ftp site
> so you may want to contact him directly.
> (We should get that HTTP NoContents patch posted, yes?)

The NoContents stuff was included in the latest version...

But I don't think that it will work for what Bruce want
to do :

>>Specifically I'd like it to ignore files of the form *.wwwstat.html.  I
>>tried adding .wwwstat.html to the NoContents directive but that reduced my
>>contents to 0 since it excluded all .html files :-).  Other than stuffing

I didn't wanted to do anything fancy so I just put back the
procedure used for the NoContents that was in the filesystem
method into the HTTP one. The problem is that there is a
single function ,isoksuffix(), that is used to check if the
suffix of a file is listed in the argument of the directive.
This function is used sometime to check if a suffix is inside
the list and so the file should be keep (For example for
"IndexOnly" directive) and sometime to check if the suffix
is inside the list but the file should be discarded (NoContents).

It may seems similar but interpretation in some cases shouldn't
be the same. For example, if a file doesn't have any suffix,
it should be discarded when using "IndexOnlx" but it should
be kept when using "NoContents"...

In the same way, in the original function, it was assumed
that only the characters _after_ the last "." are important.
So when trying to put "NoContents .wwwstat.html", the result
is the same as if you had put ".html"... 
Personaly, I consider that it's a bug...

Hmm, I also noticed that there is several optimization that
could be done in this function... like stoping testing all
the suffix as soon as we find a matching one.

I guess that I will write a new function and post a patch
this weekend..

Yann Stettler

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Received on Thu Jan 28 11:31:43 1999