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Re: Re: Swish-E New Feature?

From: Yann Stettler <stettler(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 23:43:51 GMT
Scott Schultz wrote:

> It's primarily a performance issue, not an inability
> to do a simple array traversal. Swish-e can do it faster and
> easier than the front-end.

Interesting claim. Sorry but I can't accept it myself...
The resources/time needed to transfer such little amount of
data via a pipe between two program is simply not relevant !

Actualy, doing a good front-end could let you gain a lot of
resource/time : Cache the result of the search so that
when the user request the next few results, they can be
returned immediatly without Swish-e having to search the
whole index again.

Yann Stettler

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Received on Fri Jan 22 15:35:48 1999