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RE: HTTP method

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 11:07:47 GMT
> I'm trying to run the swish-e with HTTP method, but I don't
> know if I must have one http-server (httpd) in my computer.

You must have an HTTP server to index using the spider, otherwise you
wouldn't want to be using the spider.  The HTTP server doesn't have to be
running on your local computer.  Anyone's HTTP server can be indexed
remotely using the SWISH-E spider.  However, you must have a correctly
configured PERL installation.

If you are using Windows 95/98, SWISH-E's HTTP spider probably won't work.
(read: Windows comes unglued at the seams, instantly.)  This is due to the
poorly written MS-DOS command interpreter it uses.  This can easily be fixed
by editing the commandline in the SWISH-E source code.  (I have specifics
somewhere, I can find them if you need.)  I am not sure that this was ever
fixed in the distribution.  Windows NT will work fine provided PERL is
installed correctly.  At worst, SWISH-E just doesn't work on NT; no fire and
brimstone like Win9X.

You can use FileSystem method to index files on a hard disk.  That may be
more like what you want.  It would require compiling SWISH-E with FS method,
instead of HTTP method.

> Can I run swish-e If I have an Apache server.

Any working HTTP server will do.

> Where can I get more documentation about swish-e with
> HTTP method (I have just read all docs of the Berkeley's site about

The source code is the best manual.  Although, it could use a few more
comments.  Read through the default swish configuration, also.  All of the
config directives are explained here.  Maybe someone else will have better
suggestions on recommended reading.

,David Norris

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