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SWISH-E Posting Policy

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 16:21:39 GMT
I will now be enforcing a policy that all messages to the SWISH-E list
must relate to SWISH-Enhanced or issues related to its development or
implementation. I have also broadened the scope of the list policy, more
along the lines of another list that I manage (Web4Lib) to more completely
encompass the range of behaviors that we may experience on the list. The
SWISH-E Posting Policy, as it may be found at:

now reads:

"Posting Policy

The following policy governs all postings to the SWISH-E list.  Offenders
will be warned once and removed from the list after a second violation of
the same policy: 

1. All messages must relate to SWISH-Enhanced or issues related to the
development or implementation of it. 
2. Advertisements are not appropriate. However, a simple statement
that offers a way to follow-up for more information
on a service or product is tolerated if it accompanies a
substantive message discussing a subject appropriate to the list. 
3. Personal attacks such as name calling and personal insults will not
be tolerated. Comments that are intended only to enrage the recipient
rather than contribute to thoughtful discussion are prohibited. 
4. All postings must be free of copyright restrictions that limit
distribution. For example, posting a significant amount of a
copyrighted work verbatim requires the permission of the copyright
holder. To verify that such permission was obtained, all postings of
this nature must include a statement that this is the case."

I'd like to reiterate that hose who violate this policy will be warned
once privately, and removed after a second violation of the same policy.
Thank you all for your compliance,
Roy Tennant
SWISH-E Manager
Received on Mon Jan 11 08:17:34 1999