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Re: Re: FileRules ... not

From: Paul J. Lucas <pjl(at)>
Date: Sun Jan 10 1999 - 16:09:56 GMT
On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Andres Cvitkovich wrote:

> That really gets ridiculous. I did not blame SWISH++ in any way except that I
> stated it was no help.

	Which can imply that SWISH++ can not be used to achieve the
	functionality you want to others reading your message.  Such is
	not the case.

> PS. To all: Am I mistaken to believe that a mailing list named
>     "SWISH-E" is about a program named SWISH-E rather than about
>     SWISH++, C++/STL, incompetence, and all that? Hard to believe.

	The owners of the SWISH-E mailing list have graciously allowed
	it to be used to discuss SWISH++ also since they are related
	software products in terms of functionality.

	In the case of SWISH-E, on-topic items would most certainly
	include building it for a particular platform and environment
	(in SWISH-E's case, a C compiler rather than a C++ compiler).
	Other on-topic items appeared to have been indexing and
	searching topics in general (for possible new features).

	As far as incompetence, it's a statement of fact, not an
	insult.  I freely admit for example that I am incompetent at
	brain surgery, physics, chemistry, civil engineering, and an
	infinite numer of other careers and, if I attempted to perform
	any of them, I would rightly be labeled "incompetent" by any
	practioner in the field.

	- Paul
Received on Sun Jan 10 08:09:54 1999