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Re: Re: FileRules ... not

From: Andres Cvitkovich <ac(at)>
Date: Sun Jan 10 1999 - 00:13:59 GMT
Hi there,

On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Paul J. Lucas wrote:

> > a few days ago, I asked about FileRules and excluding files NOT containing
> > a certain substring... SWISH++ was no real help,

should read: "SWISH++ was no real help FOR ME".

> 	Just so the facts are correct, the reason it was of no help to
> 	*YOU* was because you do not have an ANSI/ISO C++ compiler and
> 	environment including STL (such as g++ 2.8 or later or egcs
> 	1.1.1 o or later).
> ...
> 	Please don't go telling half-truths about SWISH++ because of
> 	your own incompetence at obtaining an ANSI/ISO C++ environment.

Oh. Thanks for your generous flames and judging about my incompetence.

The only thing I told was that SWISH++ was NO REAL HELP (FOR ME). But I
have no problems to give the reasons for that: It wasn't, because the
effort to make it do what I need was beyond my means. I admit that I am
NOT familiar with C++ and setting up an ANSI/ISO C++/STL environment, and
even if this should not be that hard I do not have interest in possibly
breaking up a productive environment running important software to be
relied on and really depending on a trouble-free C compiler environment.
It was a matter of minutes to make SWISH-E do what I needed, what's the
problem for you to accept that this was a MUCH better solution for me?!?

So please would YOU stop telling half-truths about me and my reasons not
to use SWISH++ just because you seem to feel offended? Thanks.

Sorry for the rest of you guys, I just wanted to give some ideas for
extending SWISH-E (and even the implementation if somebody's interested),
no more, no less.


PS. If you need this for your Ego: I do NOT doubt that SWISH++ is a
    great tool as well, perhaps a thousand times better than SWISH-E.
    But for my needs and under the given circumstances, SWISH-E was
    the easier and much faster way to go, sorry.

andres cvitkovich - vienna university of technology, austria                 PGP-KeyID BEB1A88D
Received on Sat Jan 9 16:14:09 1999