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Error "Skipping test.html: Wrong method or server"

From: Valerio Gelpi <vg(at)>
Date: Sun Jan 03 1999 - 19:23:34 GMT
I compiled Swish-e without problems on a IPP hosted BSDI 3.0 server using 
Unfortunately when I run the test, I receive the error:

Skipping test.html:  Wrong method or server

Can anybody help in solving this problem?

Thanks in advance, 


Below I included the Telnet log from compiling to testing.

% make
make CFLAGS="-g" check.o file.o index.o search.o error.o  hash.o list.o 
mem.o so
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g check.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g file.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g index.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g search.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g error.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g hash.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g list.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g mem.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g string.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g merge.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g swish.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g http.c
/usr/bin/gcc -c -g httpserver.c
/usr/bin/gcc -o swish-e -g -O2 check.o file.o index.o search.o error.o  hash.o 
chmod 755 swish-e
% make test
./swish-e -i test.html -v -f index.swish
Skipping test.html:  Wrong method or server.

Removing very common words... no words removed.
Writing main index... no unique words indexed.
Writing file index... no files indexed.
Running time: Less than a second.
Indexing done!
./swish-e -f index.swish -w test
# SWISH format 1.2
# Swish-e format 1.2
# Name: (no name)
# Saved as: index.swish
# Counts:
# Indexed on: 01/01/99 12:23:38 PST
# Description: (no description)
# Pointer: (no pointer)
# Maintained by: (no maintainer)
err: the index file(s) is empty
Received on Sun Jan 3 11:23:34 1999