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Swish-e on Linux!!

From: Yasha Shetty <yasha(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 08:06:51 GMT
	Actually we installed swish-e (swish-efiles_1_2_4) on RH Linux 5.1
with Apache Server and it is working fine. 
	With Autoswish creation of conf file is fine ..And on indexing we
are getting some Bad directive errors. What is the problem with the
configuration file? Or is it because the latest version of swish used has 
different index file name for searching (ie: index.swish-e instead of
index.swish) We haven't created any .htaccess file. Is it because of
that...Can any one help us out??

				yasha & nagamani
				NCSI, Bangalore
Received on Tue Dec 15 01:33:40 1998