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Perl problem with swishspider on Linux

From: Winfried Barta <Winfried.Barta(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 09 1998 - 04:51:43 GMT
Im running Swish-E 1.2 on SuSE-Linux 2.0.33 and perl-5.004_04-6.

I have installed the following Perl-Modules:








I compiled swish-e successfully with the http-method. I get the <usage-message> when invoking swish-e.

When I try to create an index with `swish-e -c ./src/user.config` I get the message:

"Can't locate HTML/ in @INC"

I can only find HTML/, but when I change swishspider to that (line 7 and 53), I get the message:

"retrieving http://...

Undefined subroutine &HTML::Parser::parse_html called at /opt/search/swish-e/src/swishspider line 53."

I can only find the subroutine parse_file in the Modules. But when I change this also, I get:

"retrieving http://

Can't open : No such file or directory at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/HTML/ line 230."

Have I installed the wrong modules, the wrong perl-version, ..?

Thanks a lot for helping me.

Received on Tue Dec 8 20:53:06 1998