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Swish made my eyebrows burst into flame

From: Rene Ramos <rramos(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 16:38:45 GMT
Made you look!  Actually, I am having serious problems running the
program.  I didn't know I needed the libwww perl library installed
on my system (a Sun Solaris 2.5).  Well, I obtained that and a few
other undocumented necessities, but now I'm getting the following
when I try to run it:

Can't locate auto/LWP/UserAgent/ in @INC at
/opt/LWperl/lib/LWP/ line 195 

Smells like an incorrect configuration parameter to me, but I can't
locate exactly what needs to be changed.

Please help me extinguish the flames that now threaten to engulf my
entire head.

--Rene Ramos
Received on Thu Nov 19 08:33:47 1998