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RE: Combining SWISH++ and Swish-E

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 10 1998 - 17:26:02 GMT
This is in response to the flurry (blizzard?) of messages last week about
merging the features of SWISH++ and SWISH-E. First let me say that the
SWISH-E team here at Berkeley shares the desire of many of you to have the
best possible search software. We also have jobs that place other demands
on our time that my have higher priority. Therefore, we are currently
considering the future development path of SWISH-E and what our role in it
should be and how best to involve the SWISH-E community in its further

In any case, we have a history of accepting code donations (but not
necessarily *all* code donations), with the largest and most recent
example being Ron Klatchko's implementation of spidering. I do not see
that changing any time soon.

So please bear with us as we try to determine the most reasonable path to
that search engine nirvana we all seem to want so desperately. Thanks,
Roy Tennant for the SWISH-E Team at Berkeley
Received on Tue Nov 10 09:33:00 1998