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Re: Re: Regex in ReplaceRules

From: Ed Burns <edburns(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 04 1998 - 17:19:21 GMT
On Wed, 4 November 08:48:13, Ron Klatchko wrote:
> Ed Burns wrote:
> > ReplaceRules replace "/usr/web/htdocs/.*" "http://host/cgi-bin/concordance/"
> > Does anyone know how to get the desired behavior?
> Why don't you try:
> ReplaceRules replace "/usr/web/htdocs/"
> "http://host/cgi-bin/concordance/"

Because that won't handle all the stuff after /usr/web/htdocs.

I did try this, and got something like

given path /usr/web/htdocs/content/books/00304a.html

I get


when I wanted


Any other ideas?

Received on Wed Nov 4 09:28:44 1998