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Re: Re: Swish[-e|++] merger

From: Mark Gaulin <gaulin(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 03 1998 - 18:44:29 GMT
Hi Earl
You can create smaller indexes and merge them. There are
some slight changes in the way ranking will be computed
using the Merge Index feature, but if anything it might make 
it little better, depending on your dataset.

I don't see anything happening along the lines of changing
the swish-e indexing/searching core any time soon.


At 01:05 PM 11/2/98 -0800, Earl Robinson wrote:
>maybe I approached this thing from the wrong angle. How about this....
>Does anybody want to modify the swish-e source so that it will break up 
>an indexing job into chunks that fit into actual RAM? It would help me 
>index my stuff, and solve a major religous problem brewing om the 
Received on Tue Nov 3 10:48:23 1998