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Recent Download - Problems W/ Installation

From: Waldo L. Jaquith <waldo(at)>
Date: Sat Oct 31 1998 - 21:52:28 GMT


I'm new at SWISH-E, and not having much luck so far.  I imagine that I'll
be what you call a 'short-term subscriber' to this list. :)

I download the installer (I tried 1.2.4, then 1.2), make the mods to the
Makefile to point to gcc, and run make.  I get:

make CFLAGS="-g" check.o file.o index.o search.o error.o  hash.o list.o
mem.o st
ring.o merge.o swish.o _OBJS)
Syntax error: ")" unexpected
*** Error code 2

So what's up here?  I'm getting errors already?  I'd appreciate a few
pointers with this.  Thank you.


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Received on Sat Oct 31 19:04:26 1998