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swish spider not spidering

From: Andrew Cadman <editorial(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 17:28:02 GMT
Dear all,

further to my last mail, the indexing report is given below...

% make test3
./swish-e -c ../ConfigFiles/Swishspider.conf
retrieving (0)...
 (298 words)
retrieving (0)...
 (786 words)
Skipping  Wrong method or

Removing very common words... no words removed.
Writing main index... 518 unique words indexed.
Writing file index... 2 files indexed.
Running time: 46 seconds.
Indexing done!

To repeat, the very many urls on spectre/index.html and especially
spectre/acc.html are just not found...

Received on Fri Oct 30 10:34:42 1998