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spider generates 'Wrong method or server' errors

From: Christian Stalberg <Christian.Stalberg.stalberg(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 17:36:26 GMT
We're spider indexing multiple webservers and are getting 'Wrong method or
server' errors for any of the other web servers. We do not use DNS and all
servers are referenced by their IP addresses, e.g.  <>

We tried listing the other servers URL's under EquivalentServer but to no
avail. HELP!

Christian Stalberg
Web Consultant, Dept. 3187
NORTEL, Signaling Solutions Group
* Phone: (919) 905-4975 ESN 355-4975
*      Fax: (919) 905-8313 ESN 395-8313
*     Email:
Received on Fri Oct 23 10:51:39 1998