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Re: compiling the swish-e on win nt with djgpp

From: Mark Gaulin <gaulin(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 13:22:17 GMT
You are going to need more than just the windows.h file... you'll need
the .libs that go with it.  For starters comment out the include of windows.h
and see what definitions you end up missing. You may be able to get
it to work with your compiler.
Or take a look at the config.h and see if the defaults are ok for you and 
I can send you a compiled version.

At 10:14 PM 10/22/98 -0700, Vladimir Ota wrote:
>As I don't have access to either MS or Borland C compilers, I tried to
>compile swish-e with djgpp. Compile fails because of missing windows.h
>header file. Browsing my disks I found an MS originated windows.h file (it
>came with borland pascal 7) , but it was no good for my pourpose (well, I
>am not relally suprised).
>Can anyone help me with walid windows.h file? I suppose that these include
>files are legally distributable ?!
>Regards, Vladimir Ota
Received on Fri Oct 23 06:28:20 1998