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From: Jean-Louis Maltret <jlm(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 09:17:03 GMT
I have an application of swish-e which works on an unix station but
for a demonstration I need to put it on an autonomous windows 95
machine (yes !?).

I have put swish-e port for windows, a standalone windows www server
(sambar including perl) and everything works except the cgi perl scripts 
which don't understand the mechanism to read standard output :

$command = "swish-e -w ....
open (F,"$command |");
while (<F>)

Is there somebody with experience on this subject, or with
some idea ?

By the way, all is OK under windows NT.


Jean-Louis MALTRET          Département de Mathematiques
Tel: +33     Faculte des Sciences         
Fax: +33	    163 Avenue de Luminy    F-13288 MARSEILLE Cedex 09
"Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas" 
 Virgile (Georgiques II,489)
Received on Thu Oct 15 02:27:30 1998