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Searching 'formación' with swish-e (1.2)

From: Bert Hiddink <hiddink(at)>
Date: Sat Oct 10 1998 - 13:56:52 GMT
Hello, everybody,

Thanks to the help of Kenneth Green and Ron Klatchko I was able to 
compile swish 1.2 on a FreeBSD server ( Everythings works 
beautifully and hence, I got more control over certain impartant 
variables which improved the performance of my database.

However, as everything is in Spanish (please see, I would like swish 
to accept me words like 'formacion' with an accent above the 'o' 
and 'ano' having the little snake '~' above the 'n'. 

Therefore, I added to my_database.conf file the aforementioned 
caracters in the line:

WordCharacters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzó0123456789_\|/-+=?!@$%^'"`~,.[]{}()

However, it still does not accept searches with the spanish 

I checked out another spanish database at:


...and here it works perfectly.

What am I doing wrong?


Bert Hiddink
Correo electronico:
Tel. +506 280 8683
Telefax. +506 280 8886

Received on Sat Oct 10 13:25:04 1998