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Searching in body, title and META fields

From: Dan Axtell <dax(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 19:36:51 GMT
I had posted a question about using Swish to search for different sets
of words in the title, body and in a meta field (the idea being to
combine title, author and body searches), something like this:

swish-e -f index -w (body words) -w "AUTHOR=XXX" -w (title words) -t t

It doesn't work because swish seems to be able to AND together the
results of a body search and title search.  I'm planning to dig into the
1.2 source code to see if this is feasible.  Anyone have any suggestions
about how feasible this is?  Also, who is currently maintaining the
source, so I can get in touch with them?

Received on Wed Oct 7 12:44:37 1998