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Re: Fails to compile as ANSI or K&R

From: Kenneth Green <kenneth_green(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 01:30:11 GMT

Thanks for the response. It is mostly an issue of support. We have
a very complex set of development tools spanning several operating
systems, platforms and target CPUs. We have a requirement for a
certain level of support and tracability etc. for any tools used for
commercial development and are not in a position to meet those
requirements for gcc.


rbf wrote:
> Hi Kenneth-
>  > I cannot understand how these basic violations could be present
> unless
>  > I am the only one in the world not using gcc !
> I'm afraid you are indeed the only person not using gcc.
>  > In any case I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has
>  > struck these problems and has a solution, other than editting all
>  > of the violating source code to make it genuinely ANSI compatible.
> Why is it not a solution to install gcc on your equipment? It's
> pretty straightforward.
> Rich
> -- Rich Fuchs (Research Libraries Group)

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