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From: Vladimir Ota <lado(at)>
Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 08:46:41 GMT
I downloaded, Windows port of Swish-E (dated June 18th '98).

I was able to install and use it without problems (well - using the files
in English). 

But I need to be able to use it for my own language, which means I have to
idex/search files with 8-bit character set (using CP1250 or ISO Latin2 in
my case). 

Although Q&A section says this should be no problem (except for upper/lower
case matching) it I can not get this to work as I expect. Even after
extensive reading through the manuals and playing with config file Swish
still seems to break words every time it encounters character > 0x7f.

Is there anyone who can suggest me how to solve that?

Any form of help will be appreciated, 

regards, Vladimir
Received on Sun Oct 4 01:57:02 1998