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RE: Swish-e poor performance?

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 22:49:34 GMT
>20,000 messages...
>18 hours...

Yikes!  I haven't a clue what is wrong here.  Hopefully, someone else will
have some insight.  But, I thought that I should mention that indexing 820
Megabytes of junk (~300MB are indexed text and html) in approx. 40,000 files
(~30,000 are text and html) takes just under 15 minutes on my Pentium 166
MHz with 64MB RAM under Windows 98.  I will add that minimizing the screen
output seems to speed it up considerably.  You could try that, but, somehow
I don't think that is going to trim off 18 hours.  It takes mine from about
30 minutes down to 15 minutes, though.  I just redirect the screen output to
a file like:
swish-e ... > swish-e.txt

What type of system are you running SWISH-E on?  OS? RAM? Hardware Platform?
C Compiler?  Those are really the only major factors that come to mind.  I
can tell you that lots of Physical RAM is important when creating a search
index with SWISH-E.  Beyond that, it has a really good indexer.  If we are
talking about a fairly modern system then I can't see it taking much more
than a half hour to index 1 GB or more of text, provided that you have
adequate amounts of RAM.

,David Norris

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