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Re: [SWISH-E:452] RE: Only indexing certain filenames

From: Earl Fogel <fogel(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 19:54:03 GMT
On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, David Norris wrote:

>Well.  I like the idea of adding filenames to the IndexOnly directive.  That
>seems like a good thing, anyway.
>Meanwhile, I have added another rule to the FileRules in my copy of SWISH-E.
>FileRules filename must contain ...

Yes!  Tweaking IndexOnly solved my immediate problem, but it wasn't general
enough.  The real problem is that Swish-E has lots of ways to *exclude*
files from an index, but does not have nearly as much flexibility in
specifying file to *include*.

How would people feel about making an even more radical change --
deprecate FileRules and replace it with two new configuration commands:
FileExclude and FileInclude?

Then you could have, eg:

	FileInclude pathname contains 1998
	FileInclude filename contains index.html
	FileInclude directory contains .index_me

and so on.

If memory serves, Swish-E 1.2 will support regular expressions in
FileRules.  Now that would be a *really* flexible system!

Earl Fogel
Computing Services              phone: (306) 966-4861
University of Saskatchewan      email:
Received on Fri Aug 14 13:03:47 1998