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AutoSwish and META tags

From: Megan Francis <meganf(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 06:57:25 GMT
I've just installed SWISH-E and AutoSwish and was trying to index some files on
their meta tags alone. I used the typical AutoSwish form and when i was asked
for the Meta data names i would like indexed i typed in the name Keywords.
A typical file that i attempted to index looked as follows:
<METADATA Name="Keywords" Value="unsubscribing, config lock">
This is a test

I've tried to search on many of the things within this metadata tag however not
one has showed up. I can however search for test and i get every file that i
indexed (they all have this is a test in the body). So now i have 3 questions
(i'm getting greedy i know):
1. Why isn't the meta data getting indexed?
2. How can i exclude the body of a message from being indexed? 
3. Why did every directory on the same level as the one i asked to be indexed
also get indexed? (Eg: i typed in /blah/blah/myswishtest and all other 
directories such as /blah/blah/myotherstuff/* also got indexed).


Received on Mon Aug 10 00:07:06 1998