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Swish-e: File Suffix?

From: Simon Horgan <S.Horgan(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 14:45:42 GMT

I am trying to configure swish-e to index only files that are of 
type filename.html, filename.txt and filename.

Note that the third type of file I would like to index has no suffix. 

Extract from manual:

* IndexOnly .suffix1 .suffix2 .suffix3 ... 

Only files with these suffixes will be indexed. If you omit this 
variable, swish-e will index every file it comes across. Suffix 
checking is not case sensitive.


How do I include 'no suffix' in the configuration file without 
indexing every file in my document tree?

Simon Horgan
Received on Wed Jul 22 07:55:28 1998