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Re: [SWISH-E:332] Re: A new search engine for swish-e

From: Paul J. Lucas <pjl(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 20 1998 - 04:13:39 GMT
On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, J. J. Merelo wrote:

> Paul J. Lucas wrote:

> >         P.S. FYI: SWISH++, by virtue of mmap(2), effectively does load
> >         the entire index into memory increasing the speed of results,

> I know, I use it and it's pretty fast, but still with big indices, or
> with small indices but lots of request, and being CGIs as they are, you
> could end up, as it's happened to us, with 10 or 12 copies of the index
> in memory.

	Are you sure about that?  The mapping parameter specified in
	the mmap(2) call in file_vector.c is MAP_SHARED that, to my
	understanding, means that multiple processes will share a
	mapping of the same file; hence there is at most one copy in
	memory at any given instant.

	- Paul
Received on Fri Jun 19 21:22:55 1998