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Re my request for a Windows NT port that works

From: Alan Silver <flying-ferret(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 14:48:48 GMT
A big thank you to David Malkovsky, David Norris and Bill Waldron who each
sent me a full working executable of Swish-E following my cry for help.

All three look to be fully functional and fast. Due to the fact that I am
writing Perl CGI script wrappers to Swish-E which will eventually go onto a
UNIX box, I chose to use David Malkovsky's version as this kept the same
output format as the UNIX version. I understand that this version has now
been made publicly available. If anyone is interested in my Perl wrappers
(which will simplify the idea of being able to select from the web page
which of several index files are searched), please let me know and I will
post them here or privately when they are done.

Thanx once again to all who responded.

By the way, in response to the comment about my e-mail address - it's
really quite simple. I got very fed up of reading computer documentation
that made endless references to 'foo' and 'bar' and was looking for a short
but useful name that I could use for examples, temporary files, etc. I
decided on ferret as it's a nice word. If I need a second, I use gibbon,
followed by vole, gerbil, mouse and so on (yes, there is a strict pecking

I then decided to set up a part-time web design business (which is pretty
much what I was doing full-time anyway) and wanted a snappy name. Somehow
"Flying Foo Bar" didn't seem right, so I ended up with "flying ferret". I'm
still looking for someone to draw me a good logo though (something like a
cartoon ferret in a WWI flying helmet and goggles), so if any of you have
artistic talent, please let me know.

There you are, I've bared my innermost secrets to anyone who could be
bothered to read this far. Sorry to the rest of you !!

Alan Silver
The Prestwich Smile Gemach
Received on Fri Jun 19 07:37:41 1998