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A new search engine for swish-e

From: Michael Ingvarsson <michael(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 11:58:58 GMT

We are two students from the University of Linkoping in
Sweden. We have made our degree project at the University
of Granada in Spain. The degree project consisted in creating
a search engine that keeps the information, swish-e 1.1 indices, 
in memory all the time to speed up the search by several orders 
of magnitude!

In order to do this we created a search engine written in Java 
using servlets, RMI and hashtables to store the information. The 
result is a very fast search engine that sends the answer from the 
search dynamically to the user.

To get the information we use Wget to download a web-site and swish-e 
to index the information downloaded.

For the moment the search engine is used for the daily news from 
some Spanish newspapers, but it can also be used for other kinds 
of information. If you are interested in this search engine you can 
find it at the adress:

It is completely free and we hope that it will be very useful. There 
is also a version running at:

This version is more advanced and can also keep a list of users but
the version that can be downloaded is only used for searching.

Thanks for Your time,

Andersson N.
Ingvarsson M.
Merelo J.J
Received on Fri Jun 19 05:02:24 1998