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Perl Processing of SWISH-E Results

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 22:54:33 GMT
I've recently been changing how my site-wide searching works on the
Digital Library SunSITE, and since I've reached a bit of a plateau I
thought I'd share with you what I've done in case anyone finds it useful
(or entertaining <grin>). You can try it out at:

The way it works is:

* The first search defaults to finding words only in the titles of Web
documents; if that would fail, it automatically moves on to looking for
those words anywhere in the documents
* If the initial limit to titles would retrieve results, it stops and
displays them, along with a button which you can use to ask for more
results on the same search. If the user hits the button for more
results, the search words are searched across the full text of all Web
* The results are also sorted by server directory. The directory title is
translated to a more useful title than simply the directory name.
* The results of the second iteration are merged and displayed with no
duplicates, but items that were on the first screen are marked by a grey
bullet rather than the orange bullet which signifies items not previously

I will let you see the (lousy) code if you promise not to laugh. Please
remember that I'm not really a Perl programmer, I just play one on the
Web. See:

This is simply a symbolic link, so as I change the actual executable the
changes are automatically reflected in the program listing. If you have
any questions, let me know.
Roy Tennant
Received on Thu Jun 18 16:01:56 1998