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Indexing file context?

From: <ryan_patridge(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 18:41:44 GMT
     I've gone thru the whole archive and discovered only a few messages 
     related to the subject of indexing file context, in addition to file 
     keywords.  The most promising of these messages was written by Andy 
     Steere on Friday, March 20, 1998, who said he was the manager of 
     several astronomy mailing lists.  
     He said he wrote a small Perl script that would call SWISH-E to return 
     a list of files containing whatever keywords had been searched for, 
     then the script would go thru that list of files and return the search 
     results in addition to the context around the keyword in that file.  
     This seemed to be a great solution to the problem of having the index 
     file "balloon" in size from saving keyword contexts.  The only problem 
     is that he couldn't release the Perl source for his script.  As far as 
     I know, SWISH-E and SWISH++ do not incorporate any context indexing at 
     all.  Has anyone done work on indexing file context or know of someone 
     who has, and has source code they're willing to share?  Thanks!
     Ryan Patridge
Received on Thu Jun 4 10:49:49 1998