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limit search to subdirectories?

From: <jwelch(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 18:43:01 GMT
Has anyone implemented swish-e so that the search can be customized so as
to limit it to one or more subdirectories? Say I use swish-e to index  Can I enable people to search only 
(or any other subdir or combination of subdirs) using the *same* index
file for any search? I know I could do it with separate conf and index
files, but that will involve lots of redundantly indexed files, and eat
up lots of server disk space. 

Alternatively, has anyone modified the output script so that swish would
search all of (using above example), but only display hits
in thisstuff or thatstuff (according to what I pass the script)? That
should do it, though inefficiently, since it would search through lots of
stuff it would never display.

Thanks for any guidance...

Received on Tue Jun 2 11:52:16 1998