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Re: [SWISH-E:293] Re: Swish comments

From: Jerry Stratton <jerry(at)>
Date: Sat May 09 1998 - 03:41:09 GMT
>If you know that a term has been ignored, you can compensate for it by
>selecting another word that will be less likeley to be ignored.

Exactly. Currently, SWISH-E gives up if *any* of the words are too common.
It isn't a matter of ignoring the too common word and returning the rest of
the results. If you do a search on "Diner Reviews" on my cooking site, it
won't perform the search. It also doesn't, however, tell the user which of
those words is the 'bad' one.

It returns "err: a word is too common". I don't have the source code in
front of me. How hard would it be to make it return "err: a word is too
common: diner" ?

This would give the user the option of choosing a better search; it would
also make it easier for me, as the programmer, to decide to either (a) do
the search anyway without that word, or (b) tell the user what happened and
what their options are, or (c) both.

Or, I suppose, do the search without "Diner" and then do my own bit to
narrow things down based on filename or the first couple of lines, or

This is assuming, however, that the knowledge of which word is being
ignored is in swish-e, but is getting lost on output.


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Received on Fri May 8 20:50:24 1998