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CPU time and SWISH-E

From: Jens Schriver <webmaster(at)>
Date: Sun Apr 12 1998 - 02:12:16 GMT
(sorry if you have seen this before, but I'm not sure it went through)

Hi there,

I have been using SWISH (the old version) on my site for quite a while,
but a month ago, my isp said it used too much cpu time, and refused to let
me use it. I think what caused the strain was more the than the
actual searching, but I could be wrong.

How does SWISH-E perform in term of CPU time compared to SWISH? Has 
there been a more efficient version of been made (and if so, does
it come with SWISH-E)? What about SWISH++ (or even Glimpse) perform?

Any comments are very welcome!

Thank you,
Jens Schriver
Received on Sat Apr 11 17:19:42 1998