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Bogus Hits on <SELECT><OPTION> content

From: Tom Malaher <tmalaher(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 17:49:57 GMT
One of my clients has a site with one of those pulldown
quick-jump menus on every page.

<OPTION VALUE="topic1">Topic One
<OPTION VALUE="place2">Place Two

The problem is that this means that if you search for "Topic", it finds
every page.  Or worse, the index has decided that the word "Topic" is now
too common and won't even index it.

Since the text "Topic One" is not inside an HTML tag, swish correctly
interprets it as content to be indexed.

Is there any easy way to cause swish to ignore everything inside
a certain set of <TAG> ... </TAG> pairs, or am I gonna have to hack
source code...?

Received on Thu Apr 2 09:58:44 1998