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SWISH++ 1.1b3 released

From: Paul J. Lucas <pjl(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 24 1998 - 01:31:31 GMT
	See the attached from the Changes file.

	Also, FYI, someone now using SWISH++ has reported that, on a
	140 MHz SPARC Ultra 1, he has indexed 22959 files having a
	total of 8406331 words (168777 unique) in 41 minutes, 11

	- Paul J. Lucas
	  NASA Ames Research Center		Caelum Research Corporation
	  Moffett Field, California		San Jose, California
	  <pjl AT ptolemy DOT arc DOT nasa DOT gov>

SWISH++ Changes



* Fixed a bug where unbalanced quotes inside comments would cause a core dump.
  After rereading the HTML 4.0 specification regarding comments, quotes are
  not to be balanced or otherwise treated specially inside comments.

  (This bug fix will be referred to as bug fix CQU.)

CHANGES, file-by-file

* ext_proc.c

	1. In process_file(), made pid_error static as it should have
	   been all along.

* html.c

	1. Added inclusion of util.h to access to_upper() function for
	   bug fix CQU.

	2. Added following functions for bug fix CQU:


	3. In grep_title(), changed for loop to while loop to have more
	   precise control over when the iterator is advanced for bug
	   fix CQU.

	4. In grep_title(), now check to see if an HTML tag is a

	5. In grep_title(), replaced code to check title tag by a call
	   to the new tag_cmp() function.

	6. In skip_html_tag(), added calls to is_html_comment() and
	   skip_html_comment() since comments must be skipped
	   differently.  (For bug fix CQU.)

* Makefile

	1. Added util.h to html.o dependencies for bug fix CQU.

	2. Added "the.index" to the $(RM) line for the clean target.

	3. Deleted the second erroneous dist target.

* itoa.c

	1. Deleted this extraneous file.

* util.c

	1. In ltoa(), made Buf_Size and Num_Buffers static as they
	   should have been all along.

* util.h

	1. Added to_upper() inline function for bug fix CQU.

* version.h

	1. Updated version to "1.1b3".
Received on Mon Mar 23 17:40:10 1998