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<title> displayed on search results

From: Milt Webb, IQ Software <milt(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 20 1998 - 19:38:53 GMT
I know I'll probably find the answer to this buried in the source but
thought I'd throw the question out to save time...

Am just implementing swish-e (used the old swish some time ago) and upon
making an initial test index and playing with the default search form and
program I notice that some of the files returned in the search display the
string appearing in the html <title> area and others only display the
filename. Is there a limit to the length of the <title> string? Many of my
files have very long titles. 

milt webb - iq software corporation - 3295 river exchange drive
norcross, georgia usa 30092 - 770/446-8880x245 -
Received on Fri Mar 20 11:47:45 1998