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Archive woes

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)not-real.library.berkeley.EDU>
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 15:22:10 GMT
We are presently experiencing some problems with the software we use to
create a Web-browseable version of the SWISH-E discussion. At the moment
we are missing the months of January and February from the archive. Since
that is what we use to create the searchable version, it is damaged as
well. We are working on it and hope to get it back to where it needs to be

Meanwhile, you can use ListProc commands sent to to search or retrieve messages. The relevant
commands are included below, or you can look at the command reference at . Thanks for your
Roy Tennant

index [archive | path-to-archive] [/password] [-all]
Get a list of files in the selected archive, or the master archive if no
archive was specified. If an archive is private, you have to provide its
password as well.

get <archive | path-to-archive> <file> [/password] [parts]
Get the requested file from the specified archive. Files are usually split
in parts locally, and in such a case you will receive the file in multiple
email messages -- an 'index' request tells you how many parts the file has
been split into, and their sizes; if you need to obtain certain parts,
specify them as optional arguments. If an archive is private, you have to
provide its password as well. 

search <archive | path-to-archive>] [/password] [-all] <pattern>
Search all files of the specified archive (and all of its subarchives if
-all is specified) for lines that match the pattern. The pattern can be an
egrep(1)-style regular expression with support for the following
additional operators: '~' (negation), '|' and '&'' (logical OR and AND),
'<' '>' (group regular expressions). The pattern may be enclosed in single
or double quotes. Note: . matches any character including new line. 
Received on Thu Mar 5 07:29:48 1998