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[SWISH-E:155] Re: Two minor suggestions

From: Craig A Summerhill <craig(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 28 1998 - 03:15:05 GMT
On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Paul J. Lucas <> wrote:
> 	Because of this [problem(s)] and many other limitaions of SWISH-E, 
> 	I've written SWISH++.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the docs
> 	now, so it should be available next week sometime.  Briefly
> 	(from the in-progress README):
> 	1. 8-10 times faster at indexing.  It achieves this speed by using:
> 		a) mmap(2) instead of stdio to read files

Nice enhancement.  This should *significantly* increase the speed of the 
code.  I'd be interested in compiling it and running it through a few 
cycles to see what it can do, when/if you are willing to release it.

For me, the trouble is twofold:  a) as Roy said, I would really like to
see SWISH++ retain the ability to index META tags in a fielded manner,
and b) on a lot of old BSD-like systems, there is no mmap utility.  I
run SWISH-E currently on three different operating systems (Linux,
Ultrix, and Digital Unix.  Ultrix does have an mmap utility, but it 
is non-standard compared to the news sysVR4 stuff... 

Oh well...

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