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deleting files from Swish-E indexes

From: David Dunson <dunson(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 01:09:46 GMT
Does anybody know how I can delete a particular file from 
the index without having to rebuild the whole index? 
With the previous version of Swish, I overwrote the file with a 
bare-bones HTML document, indexed that, then merged with the main 
index file using the -U (update) switch.  However, Swish-E does not seem 
to have the -U switch, and my little trick doesn't seem to work with the
-M switch. 

I am indexing a site with lots of pages dynamically created and destroyed
by users (through CGI forms), and it is unacceptible for the user to have
to wait for the entire index to be re-generated when he/she requests to
have a page deleted (takes 30-40 seconds sometimes).   The alternative
would be just to leave the page in the index and 
re-build the index file every half-hour or so, but that would possibly
allow broken links in the search results, which I do not want. 

If anyone has ideas, I would be very interested to hear them. 

David Dunson
South Central R*TEC programmer
Received on Thu Feb 26 17:18:19 1998